Our trade in HIIQ finally came to an end today after 2 1/2 months. The stock sold off hard and fast this morning stopping us out of our trade and we were filled at $29.60. This is how things go as a trend trader, you will give back some of your gains at some point and we have written articles on this, if you are knew to our site you may want to go through the archives and check them out. This is why we like our hybrid approach to trading and scale out of most positions. We racked up gains of 13.56%, 34.73% and 46.88% on our shares and were left with a total gain on the trade of 27.18% despite the stock getting clubbed for nearly a 20% loss at one point today. Should the stock set up again perhaps we take another shot. The majority of our other positions are moving slightly in our favor today.


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