Post Market Update and Portfolio: $GILD

Well, we made the best effort to stay in the GILD trade this morning but sellers we able to push the price down too far for us to stick around with the stock trading as low as $72.76. The stock ultimately finished at $77.05, a nickel above our original stop, but that is trading and we move on. We were also stopped out of ICHR on what appeared to be some serious stop gunning. The stock recovered on the day and finished near the flat line. That same pullback in ICHR that stopped us out may possibly provide another set up for us in the stock, it remains to be seen. A bit of a frustrating day today but I’m sure it won’t be the last if you do this long enough. That said, we still profited on both positions because we had a plan and we followed it. On a brighter note, the three positions left in the portfolio all finished in the green with SEDG closing at a 2 1/2 year high. We will update the general markets as well as our positions as usual in our Weekend Trading Review. We will also have finalized pricing for our premium service at that time, see you then! Below is the link for our open portfolio which includes the two positions closed today.


2017 Open Trades


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