TTP Morning Update: $GILD

Good Morning! Gilead ran through our stop in post market trading last night. The stock as of this writing has recovered somewhat and is trading near $76.00 so, we have a couple of options here. Conservatively you can close out your trade at the open (or in pre-market), which I recommend for newer traders, or you can set your stop somewhere near the lows of pre-market trading and see what kind of recovery, if any, the stock makes this morning and assess the trade as the day go on, perhaps closing your trade at more advantageous price or trail your stop of in the case of the stock making a multi-day or week recovery. This is outside our normal trading process, however, a little discretion in these types of situation can help your bottom-line. We can do this in part because we already had some profit cushion built in to the trade. Under no circumstances however, do you let the trade get away from you. Wherever you decide to set your stop this morning is the line in the sand. As for the TTP account, we will set our stop near $73.85. we will update any changes throughout the day.


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