As promised, here is the updated details on the launch of our upcoming Premium Service. Aside from my content, which will be more in depth than what you have seen here to this point, you will also have access to traders Greg Krupinski from GK Trading and Anthony Verdone of Weekly Trade. Everyone who signs up will get two weeks free access to the site. Those who register on the pre-launch list will get a special subscription price of $69 a month. You can do this by emailing and you will be put on the list for special pricing. All others who join after the launch, will pay a monthly subscription price of $99 per month. Along with real time trading alerts, the site will be jammed packed every week with general market analysis of the major indices, stocks we are watching, sector analysis of sectors we are watching, videos, educational articles on the art of trading, and more! We feel the site will be a tremendous value for traders who are simply looking for viable trade ideas, or for traders looking for a complimentary support system to aid in their current trading and trading education, or a combination of both. We feel the site is a tremendous value compared to many others sites out there. Hope to see you there!


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