TTP Thursday Wrap Up: $SEDG $SPY $BZQ $CAI

The markets gapped down this morning but managed to reclaim some off their losses before the close. The TTP portfolio outperformed the indices today as SEDG gapped much higher after earnings. CAI finished 1% higher on a notable increase in volume, BZQ also gained as it heading back in our intended direction and PSX finished relatively flat on the day. We went outside the normal TTP protocol by using some discretion and selling out of our trend following trade in SEDG. We just felt that the with the stock being extended on the heels of a 20% gain today and the general market flashing some distribution signs it was best to book our 76% gains on the balance of our shares with the year end quickly approaching. It is still quite possible that the stock can set up for us again, so we will keep our eyes on it for sure. We are a just a bit cautious right now but do have our eyes on a couple energy names, so another trade in the near future is possible. Below is the link for the open portfolio which includes our closed trade in SEDG today. Have a great evening!


2017 Open Trades

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