TTP Friday Wrap Up: $BZQ $IWM

After opening the day lower, markets recovered to finish relatively unchanged with volume contracting across the board. The Russell 2000, after slicing through the 50 day EMA mid-week, finished the week virtually on that line. The TTP portfolio was flat as well. We received a nice 3.6% bump from BZQ while CAI and PSX finished lower on the day. Our weekend review will now start being posted on our premium site which should be ready to accessed late this weekend. Starting Sunday evening you can head over to the site,, and sign up for a free two week trial as well as special pre-launch pricing. Until then, you can still email Anthony at to get on the list. Below is the link to our open portfolio which is down to three positions. Our total return for the year as of todays close is 23.50%, eight points ahead of the S&P return of 15.47%. Have a great evening! Hope to see you over on premium!

2017 Open Trades


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