TTP Trading 2018 Updated Returns

GK Trading – 2nd Month Closed Trade Results

The markets have been easy lately, but is your trading process built to last for the long haul? Below are up to date portfolio returns for both Greg and myself.

Now that two months are in the books, I wanted to post an update with all closed trade results.  These were all alerted trades on TTP Trading.  It’s common practice to call out big winners on StockTwits and / or Twitter but I wanted to provide full disclosure here and show all closed trades.

For the month, I’m fairly satisfied with the results with the exception of my poorly managed EUM trade that I waited too long to sell.  I’d take the entry again, but my sell discipline (which is usually pretty good) escaped me on this one.  As a reminder, when I enter a full position and it is working, I typically sell half and book quick swing gains.  That is much of the activity below.  This gives me patience with the other half of the position and I will hold this as long as the trend remains up.  This style fits my personality well.  In the past, a frequent mistake of mine would be selling too early.  This strategy helps me scratch the itch of wanting to book some gains and taking those gains really helps my patience with the rest of the position.

Here’s all the trades below since I started with the site with realized gains / losses and notes on how the remaining position is doing.  Please keep in mind this is only activity for the last couple months.

Closed Trades

CJ’s TTP Portfolio is up 12.12% for the year. Below is the link to the spread sheet.

2018 TTP Portfolio Year to Date

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Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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