The Methodology, Mind Set, Money Manangement

“Trust The Process.” We have all likely heard the term used at some point, many times in relation to athletes. It is pounded into their brains by coaches and trainers- “don’t focus on short term results, trust the process and the results will take care of themselves.” Well, I have found that this mantra rings true in most all of our endeavors and the world of successful trading is no exception. We must have a process. It must consist of some trading methodology and its not all that important what it is- only that is has been tested to be reliable and repeatable over time, and perhaps more importantly it must fit our personality, or should I say our mental make up. It must also have a money management and position management component that deals with our profit taking and controls our losses so that those inevitable drawdowns don’t take us out of the game. Finally, we need to develop the mental discipline to follow our rules and execute the plan. Then and only then, will be able to take on this unpredictable machine called the stock market and have a realistic chance at success.

Enjoy the site, I hope you find it useful in your trading.