Recommended Reading

Here is a list of books I found instrumental in my trading development or just down right entertaining and fascinating:

  • Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard- Mark Minervini
  • Think and Trade Like a Champion- Mark Minervini
  • Market Wizards- Jack D. Schwager
  • New Market Wizards- Jack D. Schwager
  • Stock Market Wizards- Jack D, Schwager
  • How To Trade In Stocks- Jesse Livermore
  • Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator- Edwin LeFerve
  • How To Make Money In Stocks- William J. O’Neil
  • How I Made 2,000,000 In The Stock Market- Nicolas Darvas
  • The Master Swing Trader- Alan Farley
  • Dave Landry’s 10 Best Swing Trading Patterns and Strategies- Dave Landry 
  • Trading For A Living- Alexander Elder
  • The Zurich Axioms- Max Gunther
  • Momentum Masters- Mark Minervini, David Ryan, Dan Zanger, Mark Ritchie II
  • Trend Following- Mike Covel
  • The Complete Turtle Trader- Mike Covel
  • Trend Commandments- Mike Covel
  • Trend Following Masters- Mike Covel
  • Trading In The Zone- Mark Douglas
  • The Disciplined Trader- Mark Douglas
  • The Mental Game Of Trading- Jared Tendler
  • Mind Set Secrets For Winning- Mark Minervini